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Fast, Easy, Portable Digital Forensics

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Reduce or eliminate backlogs and bottlenecks

Produce critical evidence more quickly

Improve stats by closing cases faster
Enhance productivity and morale
Save Money
Coming Summer 2021

Scale up your digital forensics program without scaling up your budget

Make fast, informed decisions by getting quick, accurate results that are easy to understand.
Through intuitive, push-button programing, intelligent organization of results, and AI/object detection, ATRIO enables investigators to quickly collect and review precisely the information they need to advance their investigations.
Minimize human capital costs by simplifying the digital forensics workflow.
ATRIO provides full physical imaging and data exploitation in a single tool, in a single operation. By eliminating the need for multiple tools, and constant monitoring and transfer of data across acquisition and exploitation tools, ATRIO reduces the labor and equipment costs of digital forensics operations.
Achieve organizational and investigative efficiency by expanding your digital forensics workforce.
ATRIO is quick to learn and easy to operate. You don’t have to be a digital forensics expert to use it. By empowering more members of your team to process digital forensics data, ATRIO helps you avoid bottlenecks and backlogs that cripple investigative decision-making.
AS EASY AS 1-2-3

1. Connect   2. Select   3. Collect

1. Connect

2. Select

3. Collect

ArcPoint Forensics…
We know you
because we ARE you

As investigators ourselves, we know you need your evidence, and ArcPoint is here to help you get it – quicker and easier than ever before.

Helping Non-Experts
Do Expert Things
We want you to operate like a digital forensics expert, even if you’re not one.
Modernizing Digital Forensics
For Today’s Investigative Environment
ArcPoint knows budgets are tight. We’re here to help you multiply your workforce without multiplying your expenses.


What is ATRIO?

ATRIO is Portable

ATRIO is a Force Multiplier

ATRIO Saves Time

ATRIO vs Traditional Tools

At ArcPoint, we believe digital forensics operations don’t need to be limited to professionally trained, lab-based examiners armed with multiple complex tools and software suites.

With recent advances in automation, digital forensics processing can and should be simpler.

That’s where ATRIO comes in. The setup is straightforward. The interface is intuitive. The results are easy to understand. And ATRIO provides all of this without sacrificing the functionality and features you expect.


How To Use ATRIO


ATRIO’s Button Panel

Understanding the Default Functions

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Now Accepting Pre-Orders